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I have been asked to write some articles in english from time to time. Ok, why not? I will give it a try. So … here we go.

Comedy ClubThe other day I was with friends at the Governor’s Comedy Club in Levittown. Levittown is, relatively speaking, just around the corner and only a few minutes away from Capitol Manor. The Governor’s Comedy Club is well known near and far and one of the finest comedy venues in America. In addition to well known show acts like Dom Irrera and Nick DiPalo the Governor’s gives the stage to young talents and provides amateur comedians. These comedians have nothing to hide, they are as smart and funny as the comedy aces. Also very interesting are the “Open Mic” events. Anybody can enter the stage for about 7 minutes and present their stage play. Only requirement: A participant must bring 6 people. Hmm… thinking about doing that one day. Don’t know yet, if a 7-minute-silent-treatment is as funny for the audience as for me thinking about it.

The event on Tuesday was a “New Talent Show.” The youngest participant was just 18, the oldest way way below 100, and the comedians offered for two hours a very funny entertaining program. In addition to weaker performances ala “a juxtaposition of old familiar jokes,” there were even self written stage plays, such as a fictitious job interview of Muammar al-Gaddafi.

All in all a very entertaining and funny evening.

@Les: I definitely need the Rex speech … but not the green shorts.

Down below a few videos and impressions I was able to collect.


Comedy Club




Anthony Didomenico


Jerry Harvey – South accent as its best. Perfect.


“So … Porn …”


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