MM’s are sexy

Or: I need to have a Red t-shirt


It’s Super Sunday and In a few hours Super Bowl XLVII is about to kick off. Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49er and I have no clue yet for which team I should root for. None of my preferred teams are in the Super Bowl.
The Jets got tebowed the whole season. The only really good game was against the Indianapolis Colts. That was a playoff performance. And hey … Tebow did a nice fake play during a punt in this game. Maybe they should have brought him in more often during the season? Who knows? And I’m far away from being an expert to be allowed to have any thoughts on this. But I really feel ashamed of how some people act on Firemen Ed. Hope he will be back in the stadium next year. He’s some kind of a guy and Paul and I love him. 
Then there was my other team. The New York Giants. Looked pretty good during the season and I was about to say: “Ah … Piece of cake. Bring on the Super Bowl.” Of course they proved I was wrong, three or four really bad games destroyed all the hopes, but the performance against the Packers was outstanding. That’s the way a champion should play.
When my two NY teams got kicked out of the playoffs … wait … they kicked themselves out of the playoffs with some desolate performances … I was rooting for the Packers and the Broncos. I really do like Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning. Two outstanding quarterbacks and obviously nice guys. I loved to see how Peyton did this year after one year away from the field with his neck injury. I’m not a big fan of his boss, but he doesn’t play any longer, so no problem.
Oh wait … Some might say: “What? Two or more teams you root for? That’s not right.” Yep. It’s right and I’m allowed to do so. I’m german.

Now I don’t have any of my favorites in the Super Bowl, so I can enjoy just the game, the commercials and Beyonce. She will perform the halftime show and hopefully perform “All the single ladies”. We will see.

One thing is for sure: The Super Bowl commercials are going to be good as always. And tomorrow there will be scream running thru the land how they could air such sexist commercials where you can see a shaved leg of a beautiful woman. “There are children watching” they will say. “How can you air a MM gets eaten by a red-haired vamp?” “How dare you.” And I will laugh my ass off, because of the well known double moral.

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