Keep it short

Recently … at the Nassau County Clerk.

For a long term project I have to plan for I had to speak to some people at the Nassau County Clerk office in Mineola. While waiting to get an audience I recognized this sign.


The rule might be also good for some people I have to deal with every day. Like project managers and other people who talk a lot but really have nothing much to say. Believe me or not: Most of the time I got you the first time. No need to tell me things again and again and again.

Guess you know those people too. When a meeting or especially a longer phone call is close to the end they start summarizing. Then they summarize again. And than they summarize the summarize before they start summarizing the final version of the summarize. The conservation mostly ends with “Any more questions?”. Sometimes I’m so close to saying: “Can someone please summarize the call?”

Reminds me to some past days when the Deutsche Post had a slogan at their phone booth: “Fasse Dich kurz.” (Keep it short.)

So “Back to be more focused” or “Keep it short” is my wish for the day. And I need that sign.

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