Picture of the day

This is for Yannick

A while ago I subscribed to Earth Pics. Earth Pics gives you a unique perspective on our beautiful Earth. You can upload pictures and assign them to places where there were taken. So you can explore the earth in a fun way. From time to time I upload a picture I like and assign it to the place where I took it.

Last friday I was somewhat astonished that I got the information from Twitter, that my Twitter name was mentioned. That doesn’t happen quite often, especially when there’s no Bruce tour. When I checked the tweet, I was even more astonished. One of my pictures had been chosen as “Picture of the day”. That’s so cool. But … and this is very important, I can’t and won’t take the full credit for the picture myself. I took it together with Yannick and we both worked on the development of the picture too. So a big compliment to Yan as well.

In the meanwhile the tweet has been retweeted 574 times and a has lot more favorites. According to the number of followers Earth Pics has, it might have been seen by around … a huge amount of people. Here’s a screenshot of the original tweet:

Morning Glory Pool

And here’s the original picture: The Morning Glory Pool. You’ll find it in the Northern section of the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park. The distinct color of the pool is due to bacteria which inhabit the water.

Morning Glory Pool #1

So this is to cheer up Yannick: Keep your (picture)- eyes open and keep your attitude.

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