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2014RRHOFBrooklyn, New York. Atlantic Center. April 10, 2014. 7PM Sharp. Me and a few other famous (and not so famous) people and friends will attend this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction. And I’m very excited to be here and to see my childhood heroes getting inducted to the R’n’R Hall of Fame.

If you had asked me a few days before what am I doing on Thursday, the simple answer could have been: „Big Bang Theory and then I will see.“ Never thought I would see or go to the HoF Induction until a good friend of mine called me saying: „Quick, go on StubHub, there are a few reasonable tickets left for the ceremony. Hurry.“ Sometimes friends are so pushy. So, here I am. How cool is that? Still hard to believe I’m here.

I don’t know yet, what is more important and exciting: Seeing Bruce inducting the E Street Band to the HoF after he was inducted by Bono 15 years ago in 1999? Seeing Peter Gabriel again after his show 2 years ago at the Nikon at Jones Beach theater? Seeing KISS getting inducted? Or just being here at the Atlantic Center with a lot of friends and half of the E Street Nation? Guess I will know in a few hours, because I also don’t know what to expect tonight.

A funny story about me an KISS. Just a few years ago, when I was 13 or 14, I had a BRAVO Starschnitt of them hanging on my wall. Yep, right. BRAVO. Still a big fan. Short explanation to my english followers: BRAVO is a German youth magazine. And back in the old days they had something called „Starschnitt“. Every week the magazine was published you got one or two picture pages of a star. You had to separate these pages carefully from the magazine and glue them together. After … I don’t know … a few weeks you had a life-size picture of your star hanging on the wall. And in my case it was KISS. Ha. Even more funny: This is exactly the KISS Starschnitt I had hanging on my wall. Teenage memories.

Certainly I think the induction of the E Street Band will be the most emotional part of the evening as we miss Clarence Clemons and Danny Federici. These both honorable and well remembered members of the E Street Band are no longer with us, but we will never ever forget them. And I can imagine, Bruce will quote „If you’re here and we’re here then they’re here.“ Anyhow, it will be a moment to remember.

These are this year’s inductees:

Peter Gabriel
Hall and Oates
Linda Ronstadt
Cat Stevens
E Street Band

2 thoughts on “Among other celebrities

  1. Hi Vossi,

    sounds like a good deal, so have a lot of fun.

    As I have seen that Nirvana is on the setlist….and only if you see him….best regards to Curt Cobain.

    Come as you are….

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