Less cover songs. Please.

Finally. It’s Boss time again. Almost two years after Bruce and the legendary E Street Band played no less then three legendary shows in a row at the legendary Giants Stadium, he’s back. Not really in town, but back. At least for a few shows here in the east. Before this short leg of the tour will end with two shows in Mohegan Sun (Connecticut) on upcoming weekend, and a very nice show yesterday night in Albany, Bruce and the ESB will rock the center of the chocolate world. Here in Hershey at the Hersheypark Stadium, where the world famous chocolate is made. Sweet.

Hershey is very close to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. And it take a good 4-4,5 hour drive to get here. Is it worth it? Well, good question and to be honest I had my doubts and was a bit concerned too. But … When I arrived here at Hershey the Soundcheck was just about to begin. And yep, all of a sudden it was or is worth the trip.

A full show is completely different and I’m happy to get a ticket for this show at least. Mohegan Sun and Albany tickets were sold out in a minute. Faster then Superman on laundry day.
I mean, I saw Bruce and the ESB during the Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame induction a few weeks ago. A real long show is different. It’s a special atmosphere.

According to the title. Well, guess I will get blamed for it, but I don’t like his recent approach to play different cover songs. Since he was in Australia he started to play songs from the Bee Gees and AC/DC. Sorry, what? Some songs shouldn’t be covered. Even not by Bruce. “Highway to hell” belongs to Angus and the Boys and as long as Bruce doesn’t drop his pants like Angus does, I don’t really go nuts when he plays it. Or … “Jump” from Van Halen. From my point of view not the best cover. Yes, very nice guitar riffs. I admit that. But … I would like to here more real Bruce and ESB Songs. Why covering AC/DC or Van Halen when there are so much not played songs for a long time? Give me some “Incident” or “Tougher then the rest” or “Ponyboy” (I know, I know …) or …, but please less covers.

I know, could sound like I’m not open to this. Stuck in the past. Critics “our” hero. Whatever.
Just my 2 cents. When he plays “This hard land” and “Promised land” he can cover Eminem and everything will be forgotten. Yep.

With this being said … Stay hard, Stay hungry, Stay alive.


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