Memories and blessings

Hey there, gals and guys,

Most of you don’t know me but I guess some of you know my brother Mo. This isn’t going to be one of those articles you know and like on this blog. Nevertheless, Andreas gave me the chance to get this story off my chest.

Mo and I actually grew up in Greenville. Back in the days there was less traffic, less density of development. We would be outside all the time, play at Brushy Creek, stroll through the pines (and yes, they definitely whisper from time to time) and have fun. And we would hang around any old meadow just lazing in the sun. Wasn’t life simple and good?

Well, we moved away and I actually hadn’t been back to Greenville since then. Just didn´t happen to have the time. But a few weeks ago I came here for work and I stayed a few days longer than I needed. No, that’s not true, I stayed exactly as long as I needed to.

When work was done I started strolling around. I hadn’t done that in quite a while. Just moving around, visiting the old places we used to go. So much has changed, sometimes I needed a second or even a third glance to recognize something.

I even met some folks who remembered Mo and me. Most of them did in a good way.

But what may be an even better and more important experience is, I met new folks. Some of those people who are now living there where I used to climb a tree when I was a kid.

This is how I met Andreas. I can’t even recall how we entered into the conversation, but we ended up drinking coffee on his porch. It’s hard to describe, but when I met him I somehow felt an instant connection, as if I´d known him my whole life. Might sound strange, but with some people it’s just like that.

He showed me around his beautiful home: Dewy Manor. It’s such a bright and friendly place, if you haven’t been there yet you, should definitely drop by soon.We talked a lot, he even told me about the rough times he had recently. I got really sad an a little mad, too, for the thing I hate the most with people is dishonesty.

I wish this lovable Lord of the Manor all the best, strength and hope.

When I was a kid our next door neighbor Susie always told us some sort of saying (I guess nowadays you might call it a mantra or an affirmation). I´d like to kind of pass it on to Andreas with a big Thank you for everything.

Be strong, but kind.

Be brave, but grateful.

And even if your road is winding an you can’t see the path keep going and trust in the spirits for they are with you every step of the way.


See y’all.




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