There was no darkness on the edge of town


The sports complex south of downtown Philadelphia hosts the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field, the 76’ers at Wells Fargo Center and of course the Phillies at Citzizens Bank Park. But I’m not here for sports, I’m here for fun. Because it’s “Booooooss time” in Philly.

When you talk to die-hard fans they always say: “Go to a Philly show. You won’t regret it.” (Ok, when you talk to fans from the New York area they say the same about the Meadowlands or the Garden. But that’s a different story.) The relationship between Bruce and Phialdelphia last since a long time. And shows in Phialdelphia are special.

He opened the show with a very powerful “Sommertime Blues” followed by “Out in the streets” and “Sherry Darling”. From zero to hero within the first chords. That’s why we love him.

The very best highlights have been played with “Lost in the flood” and “Jersey Girl”. Guess I would run out of superlatives describing my feelings when the first chords of either song flows thru the air. One word: Awesome … mixed with a nice portion of happy goose skin.

The show last for 3 hours and 45 minutes and I had the feeling he would never stop. He had so much fun playing and interacting with the crowd. As always and very special.

The whole show was a nice warm up for the second night tonight. One thing we now for sure … It will be completely different from yesterday’s show. Hopefully he will play some more Darkness songs. I really would die for “Prove it all night” (with the 78-intro) and I would badly listen about the story of Johnny and Jane. “Good night it’s alright Jane. We meet us tomorrow night in lovers lane …”.

Today we met some new friends while tailgating. There was Audrey who got Bruce’s harmonica last night. Lucky girl. Let’s build a shrine for the harm and worship it. No joking, still nice and we are all happy for her (even we have to hold back our jealousy).

And we met Michael who will attempt the show tonight too. Yesterday, so he told us, he was in front of the stadium with his 8-year old daughter. Just hanging out listen to the show from outside. During the second song, you remember … “Out in the streets” … He convinced a scalper to give him and his daughter two tix for just $50. Smart move and so a little girl has been gone to ther first Bruce show.

Tonight I’ll be very close to the stage. And although we have a very high chance of rain, I guess everybody will getting soaking wet, I’m excited to see the show.

And I said, “Hey kid, you think that’s oil? Man, that ain’t oil, that’s blood”

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