Next exit, 10th floor

IMG_2009Finally the move from One Penn Plaza to Two Park Ave is done. And it’s quite different. Open work space replaced the old cubicle and office structure. Everything is a bit closer together and the whole team tries to get used to the new space situation. Some like it some like it not. Well, we will get used to it. For now I would say it’s just different and it could be worse. Ask me again in 18 days.

Located on Park Avenue between 32nd Street and 33rd Street, Two Park Avenue is a 29 story high building built in 1929 by Ely Jacques Kahn. In its Art Deco style it’s also a New York City landmark and proudly displays the historic grace of Art Deco. The corners and windows are neat and nice and the lobby is somewhat sublime. Ok, enough with the Ted Mosby-ing. At least when it comes to architecture.

Two Park Avenue is located in walking distance to two major transportation hubs: Penn Station and Grand Central. Within a 10-15 min walk, both hubs can be reached easily. According to the commute, One Penn was more convenient. Fall three times from the train and you were in the office. No rain, wind or weather was a factor. Now a 15 min walk in pouring rain awaits you. Of course, only when it’s raining. Currently I miss my in-house Starbucks coffee, but I’m fine. There’s a Pret-A-Manger right next door and the dark roast coffee is very tasty as well. The next Starbucks isn’t that far away, in good walking distance, but only if it doesn’t rain.

The lunch options around Two Park Ave are fine and good as well. Everyone’s favorite Chipotle is one street to the right, some Deli’s to the left and Korea Town for some Sushi is also not far away. No concerns about lunch options whatsoever.

Sure, with one crying eye I will miss One Penn: The view at the Garden, its easy train access and other amenities. But I’m looking forward to give Two Park Ave the chance it deserves. Guess some more pictures will follow in the future. These are the impressions for now.







4 thoughts on “Next exit, 10th floor

  1. Frohes Neues…
    Redesign vom Lohad ?
    BTW: Worauf steht denn Dein Headset ? Sieht irgendwie applemäßig aus ;-)

    • Ja, mal ein neues Design – sollte besser zu lesen sein, auch auf mobilen Geräten und hoffentlich schneller sein. Birgt auch sonst ein paar Vorteile für mich.

      Gutes Auge. :)

  2. Ist der blaue Schreibtisch auf dem letzten Foto der neue Arbeitsplatz des jungen Kollegen DD?

    Was machst Du nun ohne Chipotle und Starbucks, etwa früh Feierabend? :)

    • Er hat schon “The Blue Grouch” als neuen Nick. Ich hab ihn aber dann doch wieder rausgelassen. War ein bisschen eng. ;)
      Feierabend? Wird das hier nicht eh als konstanter Urlaub angesehen? Kann man da auch Feierabend machen?

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