Leftturns & Sunburns … revisited

The winner ain’t the one with the fastest car; it’s the one who refuses to lose.

– Dale Earnhardt –

Some of the readers may remember the Leftturns & Sunburns tour Yannick and I took two years back. We have been at FanZone @Daytona as well and I convince-tweeted Clint Bowyer that time to give Yan an autograph.

Just a short recap of the story: So, we were standing at Clint Bowyer’s garage and he was sitting in his pit, but not paying much attention to us, standing at the window. As I like him as a driver I follow him on Twitter and I know, he’s an active Twitter-rer. So, I took a picture and wrote on Twitter “Hey Clint, what about an autograph for a fan from Germany?” I tweeted that and the picture and mentioned him in the tweet. As he was on his phone anyway, he got the mention, turned around, pointed at us and at his phone, smiled big time, came over and Yannick got his autograph. Got me some dad points on that day, I guess.

This year at the FanZone was even better. Not only I got autographs from almost all truck drivers, I got 4 autographs from an old, a current, a promising and maybe a new champion-chip-driver. Very precious, I can tell.

I had a blast getting autographs from Rusty Wallace, Kyle Busch (yay), Dave Blaney and Stewart Friesen. How cool? I have to admit, I felt like 16 again, chasing autographs here and there. And only Rusty Wallace is older than me.

I only missed Danica’s autograph twice. She turned away just with two or three guys in front of me. Too bad.

Now on to the Truck race. Finally a full packed race track. David Gilliland in the number 4 Toyota is leading the field to Turn 1. Hopping for a good race.

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