Through all these cities and all these towns

It’s in my blood, and it’s all around

I love you now like I loved you then

This is the road, and these are the hands

– Rascal Flats, Life is a highway –

The anticipation end excitement is almost tangible. In about 2 hours the Great America Race will be started and 200 laps (500 Miles) will be ahead of us.

What to expect? Well, first of all, the flyover from the Thunderbirds flight squad. Really looking forward to that. I know, it’s maybe not too hard to achieve, but it’s always awesome to see, when the jets fly over the stadium exactly when the national anthem is at „.. and home of the brave.“ It‘s always amazing and something special.

If the 500 is only as half as good as yesterday’s 300 Mile Xfinity race, everyone can be happy. There was no lap run single-file. They raced all the time 2-wide, 3-wide. Very entertaining. The end of the race got dicy and they needed 4 Green-White-Checkered attempts to pull it off. The race was finally won by Tyler Reddick with 1/1000 of a second to Elliot Sadler. That’s closer than close. And fun as hell.

The new rules package and the changes to the cars will make the race even more exciting. I guess, we are going to see a lot of side drafting and the cars will be terrible loose, so there may be some challenges to the drivers in that department, too.

I hope for a good and long race with no major wrecks till the end. Nothing is more $-wasting as when your driver gets knocked out of the race too early, as it happened last year to Kyle, when he got knocked out mid race.

So, off to the Rascal Flats concert in midway and then some fast race laps.

Boogity, Boogity, let’s go racin’ boys and girl.

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